Tuesday, August 6, 2013

About Artwear, Home Decor, Gift Ideas, Handicrafts and Art Work.

About Artwear, Home Decor, Gift Ideas, Handicrafts and Art Work.
About Artwear, Home Decor, Gift Ideas, Handicrafts and Art Work. I uncovered a really good outlet that can bring together Artwear clothing, Home Decor, Gift Ideas, Handicrafts and Art Work. Fairweather Prints in Juneau Alaska. The store has both a retail store and an online store, they have an option for everyone in search of something ranging from comfortable daily-wear, fashion statements, distinctive gift ideas or just a product to brighten a home.

Inspired by the beautiful area of Southeast Alaska and situated in historical Juneau, Alaska, Fairweather Gallery & Gifts is a combination of apparel store, gift shop and art gallery. The retail store carries an amazing variety of wearable art clothing, art work, original handcrafts, modern jewelry, and quality Alaskan-made gift ideas and collectible merchandise. Many items are one-of-kind.

The retail store is a visual feast. with most things hand-crafted. The retail store delivers your senses a wide, selected assortment of jewelry, accessories and craft pieces from around the world.

Since humankind first made images on cave walls and carved the first coarse figurines; art of all types has enriched the human experience. Out of the necessity of expression of the artist, to the beholding of that expression by the viewer across the ages, art has served an integral and multiple purposes across our societies. Fairweather Gallery & Gifts is a cog in that great wheel of continued expression. Locally produced, hand-painted and hand-screened clothing or wearable art is our signature, recognized over the state of Alaska and beyond. The retail store offers a wide selection of art and crafts, mostly handcrafted in Alaska. Additional products are from around the world.

Fairweather signature clothing is hand-painted, silkscreened and adorned by local artisans in our Sitka, Alaska studio. Fairweather also carries a wide array of brands for women, in X-Small through X-Large and Plus sizes, made of 100% cotton, rayon, Tencel and other beautiful fabrics. Fairweather apparel is original, informal, and comfortable and reasonably priced.

Fairweather Store: 207 South Franklin, Juneau, Alaska. Original clothing, art, crafts and home decoration items.

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