Saturday, August 10, 2013

Effects of Smoking Are Too Many to List
Effects of Smoking Are Too Many to List
Everybody that tells you that they can name all the harmful effects of smoking in a few simple sentences probably hasn’t kept up with all the latest research and scientific data out there now. It seems that every time some science lab or government institute does some form of study on the matter, there is yet another dozen or so items to add to the list of the harmful effects of smoking.

A lot of people of course are aware of lung cancer and can easily equate that with the habit of smoking. But did you also know that infertility in both men and women is considered just another side effect of smoking?

In men, smoking chokes out healthy oxygen that keeps sperm healthy and very active. Having “slow” or “lazy” sperm is one common cause of a man’s infertility; the sperm are simply just not healthy enough to make that long trip toward a woman’s egg!

In women, smoking can come in conflict with her ovulation process, keeping healthy blood flow to her fallopian tubes. Being unable to release a healthy egg each month is one major cause of a woman’s infertility – however most women don’t know that this decreased ability to conceive a child is a common side effect of smoking!

When speaking of cancer, the lungs are just one area of the body affected. Plenty of people who smoke contract cancer inside the throat and mouth area as well, as obviously any part of the body that comes into such close contact with cigarettes is going to be more prone to cancerous cells.

Because the nicotine and tar from cigarettes is absorbed in the bloodstream, and the body’s blood travels to every cell, there is certainly the risk for cancerous cells to develop in virtually any area of the body.

Liver, Cervical, Breast and cancer of the Kidneys are also thought to be additional side effects of smoking. As a matter of fact, many doctors and research scientists are tying virtually any cancer into the pollution that smoking adds to the body!

And of course the effects of smoking on the body’s respiratory system are also too many to list. The lungs absorb the deadly smoke from cigarettes but have no way of filtering out all their poisons. Every part of the respiratory system from the bronchial tubes to the lung sacs themselves, are affected and harmed with each and every cigarette.

So if you’re someone who’s thinking of trying to quit smoking, now is the time. The damage you’re doing to your body is simply too great to ignore, plus the list of the harmful effects of smoking is just too long.

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