Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Top Carpet Cleaning Tips
Our Top Carpet Cleaning Tips
Deal with accidental spills immediately

To avoid an accidental spill becoming a stain, deal with it straight away. If your carpet cleaner isn't immediately at hand, place some sheets of kitchen roll on top of the spill to soak up as much as possible.

Don't rub though, as that will drive the liquid further into the carpet.

Always use the correct cleaning solution in your carpet cleaner

It may be tempting to try something other than the recommended cleaning detergent in your washer, but it's really not a good idea, as it could damage your carpet, damage your washer and even invalidate your warranty.

The detergent that's been designed for use in your washer is specially formulated so that it won't overfoam or leave any sticky residues on your carpet, which can attract more dirt.

So for the very best cleaning results, always use the recommended detergent.

Always check a small area first.

If you've never washed your carpet before, it's always best to try it on an unobtrusive area first, just to check the carpet is not affected by the solution, color fastness or the cleaning action of the machine.

Avoid soaking wet carpets

If you get your carpet soaking wet it will take longer to dry. To avoid getting your carpet too saturated, don't use more than four wet strokes per area of carpet. Use more dry strokes than wet strokes, and finish with lots of dry strokes, until hardly any water is being sucked up.

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